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Friendly and calm environment such a nice place to receive massage. Thanks Josh always feel so much better after!

Robbie White

Amazing experience! I have had been suffering from back pain for last 8 weeks and Josh just after a few sessions has resolved it and i am back playing golf! Thanks so much. 

Matt Parks


Id Highly recommend Josh at BetterMe Physiotherapy for anyone suffering a muscle injury and want to get back to 100% fit again.

I wasnt aware of the mental impact my lower back spasms/pain had on my mental health and well being as i am used to it. It has affected my day to day life and confidence with lifting in the gym and at work. 

I havent experienced this kind of knowledge from a physio before regarding the mental health side of things as i thought it was all physical and muscular. 

I learned alot from the consultation and i would highly recommend.

Nathan Twohig


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